Kiwi girl receives job offer from RIHANNA!

Pics 21/05/2016

Meet 19 year old Shannon Roberts,  a Kiwi Rihanna fan from West Auckland who made her way to Salt Lake City to see the Bad Gal live, and came home with a job offer.

Shannon revealed to the NZ Herald that she has been in contact with Rihanna via Twitter  since 2011.

"We started talking on Twitter when she didn't have many followers," .

"I think she had about 5 million, which is not much compared to now." "She just saw one of my tweets one day and followed me."

"Sometimes I ask her advice... Just casual talk. Life advice mostly - she's good at that, she's experienced a lot, and she cares."

Rihanna saw Shannon in the crowd whilst on stage and had her bodyguards escort her backstage. Check out the video Shannon posted on her Facebook of her backstage meeting with Rihanna.

After her trip to the US Shannon received an email from Rocnation, which said they had seen the Rihanna fan account on Instagram, she runs which has over 57,000 followers, and asked if she would be keen to collaborate with them.

"They loved my coverage and had been watching my page - I had been taking some high quality photos - and they asked if I wanted to be part of the team, doing marketing an campaign work. So I said yes - of course."

Shannon will be able to work from New Zealand, and is hoping to go on tour with the crew next time they are in Australasia.