Strangers turn up to hospital with gifts after new mum texts wrong number

Pics 22/03/2016

Lindsey Lashley is blowing up online after she text the wrong number announcing they were at the hospital and about to have their baby.

The group message opened with “We are at the hospital. Having a baby today!” to which Deorick Williams responded... “Congrats lol but I think someone got the wrong number.”

The conversation didn't stop there and Deorick decided he wanted to meet the proud new parents and even brought them gifts!

Deorick and his brother brought diapers, pacifiers and baby bottles to the new parents, Mark and Lindsey Lashley.

Deorick spoke with ABC News and said “We had a great time,”

“I was invited already, so I thought I might as well go. And why not bring gifts?”

A family friend shared a picture of the brothers on Facebook and wrote: “You 2 are great guys and thank you for giving to someone you don’t know!”