Shaun Johnson fulfills young girls dream

Pics 26/02/2016

Lisa, 'a rising star' in touch rugby, passed away in October last year.

Her older brother knew about her love for Shaun Johnson and reached out to him via Facebook to try and fulfill his late sister's dream. 

"My sister was a rising star in touch football who had idolised you since you stepped foot in the NRL." Mapu wrote. He also mentioned how his sister practiced her step which she called the 'Johnson skip'.

After a few hours, likes, comments and shares the message finally got to Shaun Johnson and he replied a heartfelt message that we were sure would've had the Mapu family stoked!

"Be my privilege to have her with me and dedicate my performance to her when we play in Brisbane. So sorry for your loss, awesome to see the photo of her in action doing her 'johnson skip' ha. Will be in touch over the next couple of days with a lil plan of what myself and the club can do for your family. Thoughts are with you guys. See you soon!" Shaun replied.

Such a legendary thing to do. Always the man Shaun Johnson.