Rihanna covers up tribal hand tattoo

Pics 30/10/2013

Just weeks after getting a traditional tattoo on her hand here in New Zealand, Rihanna has covered it up!

Bad girl Riri had celebrity tatto artists Bang Bang McCurdy and Cally-Jo flown down from New York to the Dominican Republic to do the cover-up job on her hand.

Apparently Rihanna wasn't completely sold with the final piece inked on her hand during her stay in New Zealand.

McCurdy told E! News "Ri flipped out. Absolutely loved it, loved it. It's a hard thing when you get a tattoo and not absolutely love it,"

"It's uncomfortable to have something on your hand, especially when it's in such a visible spot, and she's such a visible person.

"Your hand is as closely related as your face. If you think about it, her hand is right there and the whole world is watching it."

Rihanna's new piece was designed to blended with the traditional tattoo she received from renowned New Zealand tattooist Inia Taylor and musician Tiki Taane.

Rihanna agreed to having some footage of herself getting the tattoo released online, partly to raise awareness about traditional Maori tattoos.

"What we put online was just enough ... to educate people about a beautiful traditional style of tattooing that has been in our family for hundreds of years," Taane said.

McCurdy also told E! news that is was very much a challenge to blend the two designs, the new design was based on hope, dreams and aspirations, incorperating Polynesian stars on her fingers symbolising navigation.

"She had something pre-existing on her hand, so it was a little bit of a cover-up, but also making it look good, wanted to make sure it flowed."

"The inspiration was henna art. We wanted something really decorative, feminine and sexy,"

"Her hand is not something you can put away. We went over and over. It was a struggle to design. She even took a nap when we were drawing.

"We started over until we found the direction she liked."