Rob Ruha - Taera

Backyard Beats 02/11/2021

The age of indigenous-proclamation is upon us and ‘Taera’ as the first release from Preservation of Scenery deliberately showcases Rob Ruha's mother tongue first and foremost, a tribute to his commitment to Te Reo Māori.

Rob says “Taera is fun and light, production is swag and it’s all in my native tongue: the nuanced, crack up and warm reo I hear in my neck of the woods. You could say it’s a special, mystique part of me and my people that I am whole-heartedly sharing with the world”.

Preservation Of Scenery is Rob’s latest release since the award winning ‘Mohau’ and is his attempt at freeing the new sounds in his mind to the world. It is a result of an intentional creative pause, wānanga and collaborations with co-writers, producers and artists like Rory Noble, KINGS, The Halluci Nation (Formerly A Tribe Called Red), Whenua Patuwai and Josh Tatofi, while returning to jam again with the likes of with The Black Quartet, Sir Derek Lardelli, Kuini Moehau, Troy Kingi, The Witch Dr. and many more.