Mikey Dam - Would You

Backyard Beats 04/05/2021

Another sentimental offering following the heart spoken account of ‘Time’, ‘Would You’ finds Mikey Dam stripping back to bare vulnerability expressed through his most pure form, a minimalistic acoustic guitar canvas spotlighting his signature intimate songwriting.

 Described as “what six-year-old Mikey would’ve said to his dad,” ‘Would You’ is a sonic embrace providing closure and acceptance of the artist’s unstable childhood growing up raised by his Grandmother and Auntie. Searching for solace with warm, soothing melodies and gentle composure, Mikey chooses simple, understated songwriting to tap into his earliest memories and portray a childlike innocence.

The essence of ‘Would You’ carries the notion of home not being a place but a person, and family not necessarily being a blood relation, but a true bond. Begging the delicate question, “Would you hold me? ‘Cause I’m lonely”, the new single celebrates family in all of its many forms, as Mikey reflects on the support systems that have positioned him at his most positive mental state after an ongoing battle with anxiety and depression.