Young 4eva - Kings

Backyard Beats 26/01/2022

Five years on from his record-breaking single ‘Don’t Worry Bout It’, which introduced the nation to his talents, Kings is still going strong. Following his critically acclaimed album ‘RAPLIST’ earlier in the year, Kings returns with ‘Young 4Eva’, a perfect slice of nostalgia going into summer. The track sees Kings reminiscing on his past five years, the strangeness of life during the pandemic, and looking ahead to creating new memories on the road over summer. 

By the numbers, Kings is currently Aotearoa’s biggest Hip Hop artist, and one of the top ten NZ artists streamed in New Zealand. With 1x Triple Platinum track (‘Don’t Worry Bout It’) 1x Double Platinum track (‘6 Figures’), 1x Platinum (‘Help Me Out’) and 4x Gold tracks (‘Aliv3’, ‘We’ll Never Know’, ‘You Do’, ‘Sippin’ Yak’), Kings has truly cemented himself in New Zealand music royalty.

Alongside his own music, Kings has collaborated with a wide variety of artists both locally and abroad including; Bliss n Esso, Dizzee Rascal, CHAII, Shihad Jon Toogood’s The Adults, Louis Baker, Hamo Dell, Stan Walker, Ria Hall, Tali, Jolyon Petch, Pacific Heights, Magik Johnson, General Lee, Dan Aux and many more.