Stay The Same - Niko Walters

Backyard Beats 30/03/2022

Today, Niko Walters drops his second full-length album White Flag Waves via Universal Music New Zealand.

Born out of a desire to write music free of inhibition, White Flag Waves stands as an intimate 12-track culmination of Niko’s artistic growth since the release of his debut album Escape and breakout triple-platinum-certified single ‘Not My Neighbour’ in 2020.

Niko explains, “With this record, I have thrown in the towel, I have waved the white flag in surrender and created songs that are purely authentic with no goal or agenda other than to capture snapshots of my life experiences and feelings - completely unfiltered.”

Written alongside past collaborators including Rory Noble (Kanye West, Remi Wolf), Brandon Haru (T-Pain, CHAII) and more. White Flag Waves sees Niko unleash his most confessional material to date as he explores uncharted sonic territories on album cuts like ‘Free’ and ‘Needed Love’.

“I wrote these songs by the ocean. The sounds are wavy, greater than me, with peaks and troughs that have been accepted and surrender to.”

Accompanying the release of White Flag Waves, Niko has premiered his bright self-directed visuals for the new single ‘Stay The Same’.