Vallé - Trip Advisor

Backyard Beats

Engan/New Zealand Papua New Guinean born artist Vallé is preparing for his next release “Trip Advisor.”

This song is a hugely meaningful for track for Vallé, speaking on the track he says: "Returning home, the place of my birth, origin and heritage to reconnect with my family post my parents hectic divorce took 20 years for the timing to be right and I am so grateful honestly that NZonAir saw value & potential in the track and supported me to polish the song and shoot the visuals".

"The song is about life in PNG through my lense, my family’s lense, its laced with reminiscence of my escape journey from health threats during my early childhood there and builds towards hope for the future of my involvement in the country as an artist and as a businessman. Ultimately it’s a family anthem that gives the outside world an insight into a small part of PNG, Port Moresby (Capital). Life is rough, conditions are super tough! But its home and nothing else is like it!"

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