Sid Diamond ft. Jess B - That's Me

New Zealand hip-hop legend Sid Diamond returns with an attitude laden new track "That's Me," featuring one of Aotearoa's finest female MC's Jess B.

When speaking about the song and the album art on Facebook, Sid had this to say:

"This is how I look at colours I know they're all around me but at the end of the day my culture will always prevail. No matter what colour your suited to I got nothing but respect for it. I grew up around it, I got blood and crip friends, I got patch member family and friends, my old man was a patch member when I was born so it's no secret who my associations are or where I'm from. I never hid that. My path isn't to be a gang member although it could've been at one point in my life....."

Catch the track up top!