Mikey Dam - Needed Love

Backyard Beats 24/10/2019

Palmerston North born Mikey Dam has returned with late night R&B mood setter, ‘Needed Love’. The new single arrives after the musician landed as the cover boy for Spotify’s New Music Friday, 11x global New Music Friday placements, and has garnered 2 million+ streams on just a handful of releases. A curious cocktail mix of hip-hop, R&B, indie pop and melodic rap, Mikey Dam’s magnetic craftsmanship is impossible not to consume.

Over sliding guitar, on his latest offering, ‘Needed Love’, Mikey Dam reads between the lines of a relationships cryptic clues. Craving closure on the slow burning R&B romance, Mikey deciphers his love language in an emotive apology.

“It was an artistic way of explaining my previous relationship with a girl at the time,” Mikey Dam describes ‘Needed Love’. “I had watched a mindfulness episode on youtube, and it sparked an idea to talk about messages I had received from her. I had to fill those blank lines between not asking what she wanted, but just knowing what she wanted.

I would do a bunch of spontaneous things for her, but spending time together was all she wanted. I'm not great with apologies, but I was told my music was my strongest expression. I ran with the idea of the song being an open apology letter about how I felt.”

Since moving from his hometown of Palmerston North to be based in Auckland, Mikey has been working solo and alongside NZ producer Rory Noble on studio sessions with Niko Walters, SACHI, LA Women, JessB, Smokey Beatz, Madeleine Bradley, Watson and many more. ‘Needed Love’ arrives just in time for the warmer months, turning up the heat with a steamy serenade.