Katchafire - Way Beyond

Backyard Beats 16/01/2018

Engineered by 5x Grammy winner James ‘Bonzai’ Caruso (Damien & Stephen Marley, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Ice-T), ‘Way Beyond’ sees lead vocal duties taken over by long-time band member and songwriter Leon Davey, who also plays drums, guitars & percussion and produced the track; along with Tere Ngarua on bass, Jonny Chong Nee (co-producer) & Stephen “Dubklaat” Maxwell on keys, Tony Peebles & Dean Fraser on sax, Dwight Richard & Rafael Postel on trumpet, and Wiremu Barraball on talkbox.

The cover for the single was created by Leon’s son Ataera Manu Davey with the contemporary Maori artwork representing Leon Davey, Logan Bell, Jordan Bell & Tere Ngarua and the bloodlines of the band members families.

The video set in Sydney Australia was produced by Polly Snowden (The Cat Empire, Bobby Alu).

Speaking about ‘Way Beyond’, Leon Davey said “This song has come about because of all the good, the bad, the people that I have loved and lost, and people who I love today. That my family and friends make my life what it is today, and for this I am blessed and will always be eternally grateful! My life used to be just about me and what I wanted!"

"It is only in my older years that I have come to this realisation... everything else is temporary!"