Rei - Hati

Backyard Beats 18/04/2017

‘Hāti’ is a Te Reo Māori transliteration for ‘hard’ or the kiwi saying ʻhard out!ʻ

You may not find it in the Oxford dictionary but you’ll hear it in everyday Aotearoa/NZ.  

ʻHātiʻ is an expression of Reiʻs work ethic and dedication to his music, perfecting his flow and constantly challenging his limits every day. Rei mixes his melodic rapping style and localised lyrical context with some UK Grime influence to create a cutting edge sound, yet, his music has a familiar vibe. Mixed and mastered at Kog Studios, ‘Hāti’ is produced with the intention of conveying raw emotion and energy through pure sound and the art of lyricism.

In ʻHāti’ Rei outlines his personal plan to lead in ʻreverse colonisationʻ. One of his intentions when creating music is to push forward in solidifying te Āo Māori, so they can stand proud and harness their unique culture in the face of globalisation. Another is to write a dope album that people enjoy!

Rei is a multi-award winning artist, winning best Urban Album at the Waiata Māori Music Awards in 2015 and Best Music Video in 2016. More than this, he is a singer, songwriter, musician, producer and an advocate for the next generation of Aotearoa urban artists incorporating their culture into their music.

‘I love showing where I come from in my music, because I’m proud of where I’m from. That’s why you’ll hear me making local references, or using some Te Reo so people can instantly link my music to my home. I mix this with an international style of production to appeal to overseas audiences.’

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