A$AP Yams death anniversary

Music 18/01/2017

On this day, two years ago A$AP Yams was found dead after a suspected drug overdose.

"Yamborghini High" was released at the start of last year and is dedicated to the late A$AP Mob founder and overall creative leader, A$AP Yams.

"Yammy's vision got us rich, catch a nigga flyin' by in a Lambo" is a line in Ferg's verse of the track.

A$AP Rocky had this to say about the line, which he wrote on lyric site Genius.

"He wanted everybody to move cohesively. Everybody had the same vision but he was the voice of reason. I’m like the dad and, pause—not to compare him to a female—but he was more like the mother. Pause. I know that’s a weird-ass comparison to make, but there’s certain shit that you know you can’t go to Flacko for because Flacko’s an artist himself. Yams was more understanding.

Yams’ vision was just what we doing right now. Me being so eclectic, it shouldn’t be my vision because I have my own vision. That’s why A$AP Rocky albums—LIVE.LOVE.A$APLONG.LIVE.A$APAT.LONG.LAST.A$AP, etc.—that’s me. That’s my artistic shit. That’s my strong suit. I think with the Yamborghini stuff and Yams’ vision, it’s all about us moving as a group collectively to where it reveals and it shows everybody’s individual personality.

I don’t want A$AP to look like a bunch of mini-mes because I came out first and that’s the Yammy vision, just to be ourselves and keep it moving."