WATCH: Warriors centre Anthony Gelling takes destroying ‘cursed undies’ to the next level

What's Fresh 21/05/2018

Every athlete has their superstitions, whether it's eating specific food before a game or wearing a lucky piece of clothing.

But Warriors rugby league centre Anthony Gelling has the opposite.

After suffering a series of losses and then picking up an untimely injury, he's pointed the blame at his underwear and took out his frustrations on social media with a crack up video.

Last weekend, I realised every time I've played in a certain pair of undies, my team has lost,

This week, I wore them for training instead and rolled my ankle during captain's run. Time to break the curse.

Gelling posted a video that showed him inflicting cruel and straight up unusual punishments on the offending underwear.

In quick succession, he shot them with a rifle, exorcised them, burned them, blended them, froze them and finally smashed them with a sledgehammer.

Gelling has made five appearances for the Warriors in his debut NRL season and scored a try during their 20-12 win over the Dragons.

Before joining the Warriors, he played 115 games for the Wigan Warriors in England's Super League.