Throwback to the first KILLER Kendrick Lamar concert in New Zealand in 2012

Hip Hop Hollywood 02/05/2018

Kendrick Lamar graced us with his presence back in December of 2012 at The Powerstation in Tāmaki Makaurau, and it was such an epic show! 

We did some digging and found some quotes from 2012. These quotes show why Kendrick is such a genuine guy. The quotes are written on the event page for his 2012 show in New Zealand. 

The coolest shit to say used to be the gangsta shit, but now, the real cool shit to talk about is supporting your family.

Kendrick continues to show how important his family are to him:

It was a typical lifestyle. Mom on welfare working at Kentucky Fried Chicken, pop doing what he had to do in the streets to make ends meet. 

Check out the video shot from DJ Sirvere's perspective above: