Stan Walker shares how everything’s changed after his stomach surgery

What's Fresh 04/05/2018

In a new interview from Daily Mail, Stan Walker opened up about the struggles of adapting to his "new normal" after his battle with cancer.

Stan seems to be in good spirits and isn't letting anything hold him back as he plans to:

live my best life.

Stan is back performing around New Zealand! In a recent post to Insta Stan talks about how he's pumped for his upcoming performances in Auckland and Tauranga this month on the 25th & 26th.

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Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the 'Black Box' hit-maker explained that he can no longer eat normally. 

"It's a 24/7 job, I can't just get up and get a pie or go and get a sandwich or just have cereal - those kind of things are not normal for me anymore. 

"I have to think about what I want to eat all the time and how it's going to affect me."

Walker made the decision to have his stomach removed last year in order to save his life. His family has an aggressive CDH1 hereditary mutation, giving them an 80 percent chance of getting stomach cancer. 

The singer gave fans an unflinching look at his struggle in a documentary, Stan, which aired on Three in March. Now, he is determined his health issues won't hold him back any longer. 

"Now I'm going to live my best life, and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that I'm living my dreams and not just sitting there and kind of just waiting for somebody else to tell me I can do this now." 

Walker recently posted a series of photos to Instagram in which he writes about accepting his new body. 

"Have no stomach but can take shirtless photos now," one caption read. 

"Actually embarrassed to take these photos... Ah well this is my life now... Just embrace it aye" was another.