Nicki Minaj just dropped new music videos for ‘Chun-Li’ and ‘Barbie Tingz’ and they’re so good!

It's practically Christmas time for Nicki Minaj fans after she released two stunning music videos at the same time. One music video was for her track 'Chun-Li' and the other for 'Barbie Tingz'.

'Chun-Li' was directed by Steven Klein and shows off Nicki dancing through what seems like the set of a Kung Fu movie, while wearing black leather outfits and looking like a total badass. 

'Barbie Tingz' was directed by Nicki herself alongside Giovanni Bianco. In this video we see her wearing a variety of outfits from ball gowns to athletic wear. We also see Minaj held up by strings as she becomes a puppet.

We were stoked to see these music videos from Nicki and can't wait to see what she drops next. 

Check out the music videos below: 


Barbie Tingz