Lima Sopoaga gets called out by NBA star J. R. Smith

Sport 02/05/2018

Usually, when you reply to a celebrity's Instagram post, you don't expect a response, but Lima Sopoaga got a shock when he got a response from J. R. Smith.

J. R. Smith posted this pic to his Instagram with the caption:

Gods Blessings Come In Many Forms!! Tell Him Thank You!!!! #Kota would have been like “Daddy get that side I got this side.”

Sopoaga responded to the post calling out Smith's jump shot. 

Daddy, will all this money buy you a jump shot to help LBJ in the finals?

Then Smith clapped back by saying: 

Who are you? Again? 

Sopoaga's response has just over 1000 likes but J. R. Smith's burn has almost 2000 likes at the moment! 

The rugby star must be cracking up at the response.