Rihanna’s new lingerie line is out but there’s one problem

Hip Hop Hollywood 15/05/2018

Rihanna's just released her new lingerie line, and people were stoked that the line was inclusive of women of all shapes and sizes, but there was something people weren't too happy about.

Lily pointed out this morning that not everything is as it seems when it comes to the price of the line. 

To have access to the 'Savage x Fenty' collection, it costs an extra costs $50 a year on top of the price of the Lingerie. 

I just felt like that was a bit of a money grab.

Lily also said that it seems like Riri's trying to get the most money out of her fans. Taking advantage of Riri's loyal fans who will do ANYTHING to be the biggest fan.

I just feel like it's gross that she's making people pay, just to buy more stuff.

Check out Lily's opinion on Rihanna's lingerie line in the video above: