Julian Dennison’s kiwi-as interview at the Deadpool 2 premiere in NYC

What's Fresh 16/05/2018

In an interview with 'The Hollywood Reporter' at the Deadpool 2 premiere, Julian Dennison was cracking jokes like usual. Julian showed off that he's 100% a kiwi at heart.

Firstly he gave a crack up answer to an otherwise boring question: "What attracted you to this movie?" 

uhhh the money 

He also kept getting distracted through the interview. First, he freaked out when he spotted Terry Crews:

Terry Crews is literally right there; it's Terry Crews... I love him. 

Then he got a huge as smile when he saw his uncle: 

Oh, that's my uncle over there! 

Julian does a mean job during these interviews, especially for a 15-year-old. Check out the video above.

Ka pai Julian.