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DJ Khaled's wife goes off at him while she's working out

Hip Hop Hollywood 03/05/2018

DJ Khaled is known for his motivational speeches, but there's someone who probably has heard his speeches more than anyone else. His wife Nicole Tuck is probably sick and tired of hearing motivational speeches 24/7.

DJ Khaled posted a video on Snapchat of his wife working out as he shouted motivational quotes at her to try and 'inspire her'.

Let's go, let's go, let's go... you can do it, you can do it...

And then Nicole snapped, turned to Khaled and screamed: 

Khaled shut the f*uck up, I don't like you I don't need you in the background talking shit at me to work out.

Khaled then said "chill" and "calm down", but nothing could stop her from going off at him! 

Watch how it all went down below: