Watch Steven Adams put a rude NBA reporter in his place

What's Fresh 20/04/2018

Note to self, don't interrupt Steven Adams! Adams wasn't happy when a rude NBA reporter aka 'old mate' interrupted during an interview. 

Watch the full clip above:

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New Zealand's Steven Adams has dished out a lesson in manners to a rude NBA reporter.

Speaking to media ahead of Oklahoma City Thunder's second playoff game against the Utah Jazz today, Adams was interrupted by a journalist trying to ask a question of his own.

He immediately stopped and stared at the reporter, before responding in familiar Kiwi fashion.

"You alright, mate?" Adams asked.

The reporter apologised, but that wasn't enough for Adams, earning a few chuckles around the room.

"Old mate, eh? Jesus. As you were saying, sir."

But he did return to answer the reporter's question about the team's plan to reduce the number of points scored close to the basket.

Adams, widely regarded as one of the competition's toughest players, has also been named as one of six finalists for the NBA Sportsmanship Award.