True Thompson is only a week old and is already considered a social media influencer

Hip Hop Hollywood 18/04/2018

First of all, let's consider the definition of social media influencer; there are two types...a micro social media influencer and a macro social media influencer. Both are considered social media influencers just one might have 1000-10,000 followers whilst the other could be in the tens of thousands, sometimes millions.

Now imagine, you're a week old and you're already an established influencer. This is exactly what we believe has happened to Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's daughter True.

Born on April 12th, True has already racked up 174K followers on Instagram and whilst the page isn't verified nor has it got any posts, 'Grand-mager' Kris Jenner has tagged in True into one of her Instagram posts so surely it has to be true *pun intended*.

What's even more crazier about this situation is her Instagram username, which is simply @true.

How is that even possible that this is still available - mind blown!

Now all we're waiting for is for a photo of this wee bundle to appear. Hurry up Koko and get some grams up on True's account.