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The internet’s going crazy over Jacinda Ardern in a beautiful korowai

What's Fresh 20/04/2018

The internet is going crazy over what Jacinda Ardern wore to her dinner with the Queen. 

The beautiful Korowai gifted to her by the Ngāti Rānana London Māori club is grabbing everyone's attention.    

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has attended dinner with the Queen, making a speech to members of the Commonwealth at the event.

But it was a photo of Ms Ardern in a korowai gifted to her by the Ngāti Rānana London Māori club that stole the attention of the internet.

"I try not to fawn publicly over our PM, not cos I don't respect the hell outta her, I'm just terrified of being wrong about her (politicians gonna politician). But for some reason this image makes me tear up a little," wrote Leonie Hayden of Spinoff Atea.

"Perhaps one of the features of the image that gives people pause is the subversion of what power is & particularly what it has not been. Here is a woman in power who is hapu. Eurocentric cultural stories of power tell us its the opposite of power. The visual says wanna bet?" tweeted Jess Beretson-Shaw.

Buzzfeed's Alice Workman declared Ms Ardern "basically a Game of Thrones character."

"usually i have no time for bourgeois political theatre, or dressing in korowai as a perfunctory nod to being from these tiny isles, but this is striking, and almost seems subversive", wrote Morgan Godfery.

"My reckon: at first glance she just fits in -- the level of glamour is congruent with the setting -- but on closer inspection, she is wearing feathers and muka and pāua, alien to that place, made by hand by kuia who must have reflected on the history of colonialism as they wove," wrote @LewSOS.

"Regardless of your politicial leanings, you've got to take a minute and appreciate everything this photo represents; Especially around all of us being free from toxic gender roles, and empowered to go with our hearts," was Cate Owen's take. 

"Can't WAIT for the new season of The Crown," tweeted Chris Parker.