Ronda Rousey smashed her WWE debut and it was nothing but highlights

Sport 11/04/2018

Former UFC fighter Ronda Rousey has made her professional wrestling debut, leaving fans stoked to see more.

We were eager to see how her transition from the UFC to the WWE would look like and we were damn impressed. 

Rousey showed fantastic timing, physicality, finess and athleticism in the 20 minutes that left the 78,000-plus at the Superdome in New Orleans on the edge of their seats.

There was a huge roar from the crowd when Rousey locked McMahon in an arm bar to get the win.

Rousey still has work to do on her ring promo and questions will still hang over her, until she competes in a singles match.

But the night was an overwhelming sucess for Rousey and the WWE, which paid some serious cash to bring her over from MMA.