Grand Theft Auto V has made more money than any movie EVER!

Hip Hop Hollywood 13/04/2018

Since launching back in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V has become a huge video game, and it shows after revealing that they've grossed more than $6 billion off the back of its $265 million budget. 

To put this into perspective Star Wars grossed $3 billion and James Cameron’s Avatar, earned $2.8 billion back in 2009.

The game was so popular it was on the top 10 games list for months after it's release and is still charting in many places today.

It may help that the game was re-released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 late 2014 and a PC version of the game dropped in April of 2015. 

The game is still alive, and well and developers have been continuously working on the game and adding new content since it's release to now.

If GTA V is this enormous, then imagine how big GTA VI will be when it's released?