Chiefs halfback Brad Weber takes a stand against Israel Folau's anti-gay comments

sports 18/04/2018

Australian Rugby player Israel Folau over the past several months has attracted quite a bit of attention for his anti-gay opinions and now, just over this past week he's gone and dug that hole a bit deeper with more of these anti-gay opinions.

In a reply to an Instagram comment, Folau says that God's plan for homosexuals is "HELL...unless they repent their sins". This has sparked major controversy for the Aussie Rugby player with a lot of people including high profile people backlashing at the sports star.

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Now, Chiefs halfback Brad Weber has weighed in on Folau. In two strongly worded tweets, Weber states "to think that I play against someone that says they'll go to Hell for being gay disgusts me".

As for the Wallabies stance, Coach Daryl Gibson is taking a moderate line.

"We may not all agree with his belief, but we support him as a teammate and his right to express that freely," Gibson told reporters on Tuesday.

Folau has escaped sanctions from Rugby Australia for his social media outburst.

"In his own words, Israel said that he did not intend to upset people intentionally or bring hurt to the game," says chief executive Raelene Castle. "We accept Israel's position.

"Rugby Australia will use this experience as an opportunity to remind all employees of their obligation to use social media in a respectful way."