Cheap ways to stay warm as NZ gets colder

What's Fresh 05/04/2018

Next week New Zealand is expected to face its first real taste of winter, as a nationwide cold snap blankets the country. 

Following a record hot summer, temperatures are expected to plummet with some towns only reaching a high of 13degC. 

So how can Kiwis keep warm without breaking the bank?

Nelson Lebo, eco design advisor from Palmerston North City Council told Newshub of some of the "low hanging fruit" when trying to stay warm.

Nelson Lebo's top tips for a warm home:

1. Dry comes first, warmth comes second. 

"Moisture minimisation comes first, heat comes second." 

For those who can't afford upgrades - or renters whose landlord won't make the changes - you can stick a dehumidifier at the back of the house and leave it on overnight, which won't break the bank.

2. Avoid drying clothes inside.

"We give our carport over to do the laundry and park the car in the rain - if possible, find a covered outside area for washing."

3. The bathroom - get a grunty extractor fan.

Put a 10-minute delay on it, and get a shower hood to keep the moisture out. 

"Two out the three and you will have an absolutely dry bathroom."

4. Layer up on the curtains. 

"Once you've sorted the moisture, then you can get proper curtains, layers and layers and layers of curtains."

It will keep the heat in and the cold out - but only after you've got rid of the moisture.

5. Replace your "Swiss cheese ceilings" with LED lights. 

"Old-fashioned downlights are literal holes in your ceiling - it doesn't matter how much heat you pump around your house, it's like a Swiss cheese ceiling."

Replace these lights with LED downlights, and cover with insulation. 

"It has to happen in this order, otherwise you're putting insulation on insulation on top of a giant hole - it's literally like a giant sieve."

More cheap tips to survive a polar blast:

- Wear proper woollen clothing to keep warm.

- Use flannel sheets on your bed, instead of an electric blanket.

- Wear good socks and waterproof shoes to keep your feet dry and warm.

- Keep a warm hat nearby - body heat can quickly escape from your head.

- Start your day with a hearty warm breakfast. Replace you Weet-Bix and milk with some hot porridge or even bacon and eggs.