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A cinema in Hawera is going viral for having the most kiwi dress code ever

What's Fresh 23/04/2018

Only in New Zealand would a cinema have a problem with people turning up wearing dirty gumboots, pyjamas, onesies or dressing gowns. 

A cinema in the Taranaki town of Hawera has taken to their Facebook to ask customers to be "appropriately dressed" when visiting the cinema.

Just a friendly reminder that we have a dress code at Hawera Cinemas, it's simple really, as long as you are appropriately dressed and are wearing clean footwear you are good to go.

Please, no pyjamas, onesies, dressing gowns or dirty gumboots - no matter how cute they are!

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Hawera Cinemas manager Kirsty Bourke told Newshub the dress code came about "due to an increased number of people coming to the Cinema in their PJ's and gumboots covered in muck".

"Like many other businesses and people in town we have noticed an increasing trend of people thinking pj's/onesies and dressing gowns are appropriate to wear in public," Hawera Cinema 2 posted on Facebook.

"It is not the vibe or environment we want to encourage here at Hawera Cinemas."

Most of the comments on Facebook have supported the cinema's stand, and Ms Bourke told Newshub "an overwhelming majority of responses has been positive".

"How stupid do you need to be to be told not to wear pjs?" someone asked.

"Have some self-respect," was another comment.

But the post has had some pushback from locals who prefer their casual dress.

"Wow didn't know you guys were the fashion police," one angry person said. "I happen to like bringing my dressing gown in."

"I didn't spend $60 on a kitty cat onesie not to be able to wear it in town," another commented.