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Vice investigates what people are doing in Kmart at 3 AM

What's Fresh 28/03/2018

A member of Vice decided to stay up late to ask what people were actually doing in Kmart at 3am in Australia. 

They observed a few stragglers wandering about the store and approached.

They found Marty who was trying on a pair of Star Wars themed slippers. They asked him why he was doing this at 3 AM.

I skated down the road here because I just picked up skateboarding—I can't do any tricks or anything, but I thought skate shoes would help. That's why I'm here,

After meeting Marty, he found a couple of blokes were cackling away to themselves and so he confronted them and asked them what was funny.

We bought some ladies here for a double date last week, we were playing with the Nerf guns and they were just being real boring so we managed to distance ourselves until they just disappeared.

He also found a guy named Jack. He was busy moving some gold sequined pillows around to write obscenities. "Look!" he said pointing.

After that Jack insisted on showing him some tricks on a $25 skateboard.

Behind Jack there was an older worker looking alarmed that Jack was on a skateboard.  He was a tough looking bloke with tattoos but with a grin from ear to ear.

Don't mind me, I just work here I could hear you interviewing people before about why they're here this time of night! I've got some stories for you, let me tell you that much.

There's heaps of them that come here on drugs! They come in here and they're fine, until half an hour later they're on the floor.

Kmart 24/7 is more of a hangout spot for oddballs and stoned kids.  I'm not sure if they actually sell anything after midnight.