Stan Walker shares his emotional new EP ‘Stan’

Stan Walker has released his brand new EP 'Stan' after sharing his touching documentary 'Stan' on three.

The EP has barely even been out a day, and it's already made it to number one in New Zealand. 

"This EP has songs ive written 11 years ago, 5 years ago, 3 years ago & now. All these songs were written in break even times in my life. So i thought now would be a perfect time for them to be heard, along side 1 of the biggest times of my life. This isn't really an indication of whats to come next, but these songs are for now. Check them out & my new single "Thank You" out everywhere now. Thank you for all your support through this time. This is not my own nor is it for myself. This is for anyone & everyone who needs it."

Check it out for yourself below: