Rihanna's bringing back body glitter after posting a sexy video for Fenty

Hip Hop Hollywood 29/03/2018

If your main memories of body glitter are sticky raspberry roll-ons from the late 90s, Rihanna is here to change that.

The 'Wild Thoughts' artist has released videos teasing the newest products in her Fenty make-up range.

On release are two new body glitters called Body Lava, a shimmer-packed liquid highlighter, and Fairy Bomb, a powder puff packed with shimmer inside.

While you might be dubious, let these videos RiRi posted to Fenty's social media page yesterday convince you.

The video of Rihanna rubbing the Body Lava gel into her shoulder while staring at the camera has gained over 1.5 million views in a day, maybe because staring in Rihanna's eyes is quite similar to staring into the sun.

The videos are a break from the usually high-production Fenty promo images, in trademark Rihanna 'does-what-she-wants' fashion.

The range of new products, dubbed the 'Beach Please 'collection, will be available April 6. Hopefully as the pop star teases new products in the range, we'll get similar promo videos on our Instagram feeds.