Kiwi schoolkids make hilarious 'Boy' parody for Richie McCaw

What's Fresh 12/03/2018

A video made by a school in Hastings has been a hit online after hilariously parodying Taika Waititi's Boy.

Kimi Ora Community School in Hastings created the video as an entry into a competition to win a visit from former All Blacks captain Richie McCaw.

The competition is being run by Fonterra as part of its Milk for Schools programme.

The video takes its narration and 'Poi E' soundtrack from Waititi's beloved 2010 film, with a Kimi Ora student in place of Boy.

"Oh kia ora, didn't see you there. If I knew you were filming today I would've brung my flash shoes," he says.

He then explains why McCaw should choose his school to win the competition.

"One of our houses are named after you, and between you and me, it's the best house.

"Richie, if you come to our school you can have one of our $1 lunches, but remember you have to pay though. And if you come on burger day, it's $2."

Almost 100,000 people have watched the video, with more than 2,500 sharing it and hundreds more commenting since it was uploaded to the school's Facebook page on Wednesday.