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Beyonce calls out Kim Kardashian in DJ Khaled's new track 'Top Off'

Hip Hop Hollywood 05/03/2018

Beyoncé has taken aim at reality TV star Kim Kardashian-West in hot new track 'Top Off' with Jay-Z, Beyonce and Future.

West called both Beyoncé and Jay-Z out at a California concert in November 2016, claiming the 'If I Were A Boy' hitmaker used dirty tactics to win an award. He also claimed the couple weren't there for them after Kardashian-West was robbed at gunpoint in Paris earlier that year.

And while Jay-Z insisted in an interview with The New York Times last year that everything had been resolved, he and Beyoncé's new track with DJ Khaled makes it sound as though perhaps not all water has passed under the bridge.

I'm the only lady here, still the realest n****r in the room. I break the internet, top two - and I ain't number two.

The 'break the internet' is a reference to Kardashian-West's infamous photo shoot in Paper Magazine, in which she posed completely nude and balanced a champagne glass on her rump. The magazine's cover was captioned with the now iconic phrase, 'Break the Internet, Kim Kardashian'.

'Single Ladies' singer Beyoncé snuffs out any lingering doubt about who she's singing about in a follow-up lyric.

"My body, my ice, my cash, all real - I'm a triple threat," she says, pointing out that she's never had plastic surgery - something Kardashian-West has long been speculated to have had.

Listen to 'Top Off' here.