Watch what happens when this guy tried to be cheeky during rush hour traffic

What's Fresh 22/02/2018

A video has emerged that will make any Auckland road user feel good - showing a cheeky driver trying to push in front and getting pulled up.

Video shows the vehicle try to sneak down a left-hand shoulder lane at the SH1 Port on-ramp on Wednesday afternoon.

It appears the motorist, clearly fed up with Auckland's heavily congested traffic, didn't notice the police car as he cruised past the cars waiting patiently in front of him.

But the cop sure did, immediately following suit in the left-hand lane, with his lights flashing.

The owner of the dashcam that caught the footage told NZME he knew it was "only a matter of time" before someone tried to beat the queue.

"It felt like instant justice to see someone who thinks they are more important than everyone else get what they deserve."

The left shoulder is restricted to emergency vehicles and trucks.