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The Jamaican Women's bobsleigh team just made history at the Winter Olympics

Sport 22/02/2018

The team that inspired the movie 'Cool Runnings' is back after the Jamaican Women's Bobsleigh team make history at the Winter Olympics.

Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian and Carrie Russell made their debut at the PyeongChang winter games.

The team experienced some ups and downs leading up to the Olympics as days before their coach Sandra Kiriasis left the team and took her sled with her...

It all looked rather dire until 'Red Stripe USA' jumped on board to get them a new ride. 

So thanks to a few helping hands the Women's Bobsleigh team got to make their debut completing their first run in 51.29 seconds, earning 17th place

A lot of people know of bobsleigh because of the movie Cool Runnings and Jamaica making that launch in 1988 and really pushing bobsleigh with their popularity...

But we're also humbled and honoured to be compared to those men that started and fought so hard to represent Jamaica.