Temuera Morrison brings back Jake the Muss for a weird rugby advert

What's Fresh 19/02/2018

We didn't expect Jake the Muss back on the screen anytime soon after he revealed that he was worried the recognisable character's anger and torment might stay with him for life.

Fox Sports Australia brought the character back to life as they used Once Were Warriors actor Temuera Morrison to promote its coverage of the 2018 Super Rugby season, referring to him as his character Jake the Muss.

Once Were Warriors is a 1994 New Zealand drama film based on New Zealand author Alan Duff's bestselling 1990 first novel. It has become a staple of New Zealand film culture since its release. 

In the Aussie advertisement, Morrison calls well-known Australian rugby figures to arms for the new season. One of those players is Wallabies and Waratahs first-five Bernard Foley, seen lifting dumbbells in the gym. Foley responds to Morrison, "Mate, I'm pumped", to which Morrison replies with: "too much weights, not enough speed work".

It's so quick you might miss it, but it's a reference to a scene in Once Were Warriors, where Jake the Muss says the same.

In the original scene, Jake starts a fight with a man in a bar, asking him "where did those muscles come from bro? You been lifting those weights huh?"

"You wanna f*** with me?" the man replies, and the pair engage in a fight.

Jake destroys the man, kicking and punching him until he is left unconscious on the ground.

He then casually strolls back to his table and says to his mates, "Too much weights, not enough speed work."