Steven Adams accepts a fans prom request but he’s three years too late

What's Fresh 21/02/2018

Steven Adams has once again proved himself to be one of our most entertaining sporting exports after agreeing to accompany a fan to her senior prom. 

It's just a shame that the prom was three years ago.

Back in January 2015, a US law student named Lo made a plea on Twitter for the Oklahoma City Thunder player to go to her law school prom if she got 1000 retweets on Twitter. She even photoshopped a very convincing image of the two of them together in front of an Egyptian pyramid. 

There was no response until today, when Adams replied with one word: "Absolutely." 

Naturally, his followers are delighted, including Lo herself. 

Others pointed out that there might be a slight problem in that she's not actually at law school any more. 

Hopefully there will be some sort of event he can come to instead.  

It's hard to tell if Adams knew he was replying to a tweet three years on, but given his sense of humour, it's very likely. Last month he admitted his striking resemblance to one of the cast members of Game of Thrones, despite having never seen an episode. 

"I haven't actually seen it, but everyone says I look like old mate on there," Adams told ESPN.

"Apparently, he died though, so that's a bit shocking."