What the internet has decided Kim and Kanye’s baby name should be

Hip Hop Hollywood 17/01/2018

Kanye and Kim Kardashian West announced that their third child has been born through a surrogate and ever since the news came out the internet wanted to know what the name would be. 

Since no one really has any substantial idea of what the baby is going to be named, the internet came up with their own name ideas and they didn't disappoint, here's our favs: 

I still think it's going to be called East West. The boys don't need compasses.

I’ve just heard from a very reliable source that Kim and Kanye have named their new daughter ‘Pub’.

I hope Kim and Kanye name their baby 'Wild Wild' for the culture 





Good Music


Mai Home Run also recieved some text's on their show and the best name from the text machine was: 

'West west' is a good idea then they can call it 'wewe' for short