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This Canterbury dog likes to catch the bus by himself

What's Fresh 17/01/2018

Rangiora commuters had an interesting Tuesday morning after an independent-minded dog joined them on the bus. 

According to a post in the Facebook group 'Lost And Found Pets Rangiora and surrounding towns', the dog "hopped on the bus" on Southbrook Road. 

A fellow passenger commented that the dog had given her:

 quite the run around trying to shoo him off.

[He] wanted to say hello to everyone,

One commenter speculated that the dog was "off to Animates in Papanui to do a spot of shopping", while another wondered how much the "K9 fare" was.

The dog's owner has since commented on the post to notify Rangiora locals that he returned home safely. 

Jessie Jayne said that she was "stressing out" after the dog - whose name is Nismo - vanished while she was making her son's lunch. 

She told Newshub that Nismo was brought home by a neighbour after his bus adventure.

Animal control did go looking for him but he made his way home before they could find him, according to David Ayers, Mayor of the Waimakariri District Council.

He told Newshub that Rangiora has "very intelligent dogs, just like the people we have".

"We're all very much awake to the advantages of public transport and the dogs are catching on. This dog obviously wanted to get to Southbrook, so what do you do? You catch the bus."

Mayor Ayers said he applauded Nismo's independence.

"He's operating under his own initiative, so good on him."

In a Facebook comment Jessie Jayne said she appreciated the people who helped to get Nismo home, and that her property would soon have fencing installed to prevent him from making any more escapes.