New Zealand’s emergency phone operators reveal the weirdest calls of 2017

What's Fresh 26/01/2018

Over 870, 000 111 emergency phone calls were made in 2017 and not all of them were too serious.

While accidentally booty calling 111 was surely common there were some really odd calls recorded from the emergency operators last year. 

These odd calls include: 

  • A caller needing a hand turning their Television off
  • A caller's hair colour was not the same as the one shown on the packet and she wanted a refund.
  • A caller's phone was stuck in emergency mode, and the caller wanted to know how to change it.
  • A callers flatmates were noisy, and they wanted to go to sleep
  • Another caller had run out of smokes and wanted someone to bring him more
  • A caller also rung up because they wanted the police to clean up her husbands vomit

These non-emergencies clog up phone lines for those who actually need to use the service so these are the kinds of things you should use the emergency phone line for: 

  • When someone is badly injured or in danger.
  • When there's a serious risk to life or property.
  • When a crime is being committed and the offenders are still there or have just left.
  • When you've come across a major public inconvenience, such as a tree blocking a highway.