Anthony Joshua responds to Joseph Parker's mother’s tearful message

What's Fresh 18/01/2018

Kiwi boxer Joseph Parker's made it clear he's undaunted by a bigger opponent and the even bigger occasion that awaits.

Parker's faced off with Anthony Joshua for the first time at a media conference to promote their heavyweight unification bout in Cardiff on March 31.

While there was plenty of posturing and tough talk both fighters also revealed their softer side.

Parker talked a big game in front of a big audience after the stare off, confidently claiming his speed, movement and mental toughness would see him become the unified heavyweight champion of the world.

However Parker's mum Sala Parker, who revealed her fears in a tearful interview with Newshub earlier this week, is not as confident as her son.

She's concerned the fight will be dangerous and her son could be hurt.

But Joshua had a special message for Ms Parker today, saying he'll pray for Parker to head back to New Zealand in good health.

Tell his mum not to worry - I hope he leaves the ring in safe condition,

Joshua said.

Gentle reassurance for now is fine, but all bets are off when the belts go on the line.