Photo credit: Trade me

'Maori' personalised plate is up for sale on Trade Me

trending 26/01/2018

The MAORI personalised number plate is for sale on Trade Me with a starting price of $49,000.

Formerly owned by Kim Dotcom, the plate is described as a "rare opportunity to buy a unique plate" by the seller.

"The asking price for the plates reflects its uniqueness, its history and its relevance to this country & its people," the listing reads.

The one-of-a-kind plate was originally owned by multi-millionaire David Blackmore, who made the purchase when personalised plates were first released in 1987.

It then landed in the hands of Mr Dotcom, who also owned the plates: GUILTY, MAFIA, POLICE, STONED, GOOD and EVIL.

It was sold to Bruce Haliday, a collector, in 2011.

There are no bids on the plate so far and the auction closes on Sunday at 1pm.