Meet Santa Claus’s cool brother ‘Rasta-Claus’

What's Fresh 20/12/2017

Rasta Claus, AKA Cleve Freckleton is a music teacher at Delia’s Special School in Bradford England who put on the Santa suit after his workmates asked him to dress up at the school.

Freckleton is 54 and made his first appearance as Rasta Claus back in 2012. 

His goal was to change peoples perception of how Santa Claus is usually portrayed without confusing anyone. Most kids see Santa Claus as a white guy with a big beard. 

The kids I worked with had special needs, with autism and such, so I didn’t want to go in there and confuse anybody...

So instead, I decided to create a whole new Christmas character with his own backstory.

Freckleton who was originally from Jamaica says he just wanted to spread positivity at Christmas time and now has been inundated with requests for appearances.

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