Bay of Plenty takes Paintball to the next level!

What's Fresh 15/12/2017

The Bay of Plenty paintball club is showing Aotearoa that there's more to Paintball than a chill game that's played with your mates or at a stag do. 

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Paintball is also a sport; while not popularised in New Zealand, clubs like the Bay of Plenty paintball Club are striving to grow the sport.

Competitive paintball is like any other sport; there are referees, coaches etc. 

The club is currently undergoing the construction of their very own world-class flat playing field which they would like to to have finished in 2018.

Bay of Plenty Paintball Club

The new field located at 'TECT Park' in the Bay of Plenty and the teams are eager to start using the new field for actual training and events.

Safety is a huge concern for the club: 

We place a lot of importance on safety on and off the field.

With the definition of sport changing as new technology becomes popular, Paintball, as well as many other niche sports, may become the norm. 

Jake Seeley - Mai FM