Weird bacon toaster grills perfect strips!

What's Fresh 11/12/2017

Your breakfast game has changed completely.

Bacon lovers will not have to wait as long for their brekkie thanks to the invention of a new kitchen gadget that has been dubbed the new ‘bacon toaster’.

The Bacon Express, launching in the UK, is an upright grilling machine that says it will cook healthier rashers, with less mess. The internal hot plate closes on the sides and heats up your crispy strips, cooking up to six at a time for approximately 10-12 minutes.

If you’re particular about your level of crispiness, a dial on the side will let you dictate how golden brown it can get. And due to the vertical design, the Bacon Express will prevent bacon cooking within its own fat – instead letting the grease runs off into the drip tray below.

But the best perk of the bacon toaster - you don’t need a stove to cook your bacon. Bacon at your work desk, anyone?