Wiz Khalifa’s released a new track - Letterman

new music 09/11/2017

Wiz Khalifa's back with a new track titled 'Letterman', from his forthcoming mixtape, 'Laugh Now, Fly Later. 

The track gives reference to former late show host, David Letterman.

Still gon’ talk like Letterman / Girls at the front door, let ’em in / Hoes at the front door, let’em in.

Here's the Laugh Now, Fly Later Tracklist:

  1. "Royal Highness" Feat. Casey Veggies
  2. "Letterman"
  3. "Figure It Out"
  4. "Plane 4 U"
  5. "No Dirt"
  6. "Long Way To Go"
  7. "Global Access"
  8. "City Of Steel"
  9.  "Weed Farm"
  10.  "Stay Focused"

Wiz also posted a preview video of his album too: