What you could do with the $35 million Lotto Powerball prize?

What's Fresh 16/11/2017

After nobody won the $32 million Lotto Powerball prize on Wednesday, it means that the jackpot has spiked to a giant $35 million!

Since the prize hasn't been won; it could still be you! If you wanted to earn the jackpot yourself, it would take over 900 years if you were making minimum wage!

So what happens when you win the prize? What could you possibly do with all that money? Here's some suggestions: 

Kim and Kanye's former-LA mansion

The couple recently sold it for NZ$25.5 million, and you'd still have some cash to spare! 

16,674 of the new 256GB iPhone X 

The new phone costs NZ$2,099! 

4,666,666 KFC Zinger burgers 

That's a lot of burgers for NZ$7.50 each. 

One and a half flag referenda

Former Prime Minister Sir John Key's last referendum cost around $21.8 million. That was $4 million under budget, but the flag stayed the same - not the result Sir John had been hoping for.

389,321 tickets to Lil Uzi Vert

You and 389,321 of your closest friends could see Lil Uzi Vert for NZ$89.90 a ticket. 

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