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Taika Waititi cracked $121 million at the box office and celebrated in the most kiwi way

What's Fresh 08/11/2017

Taika Waititi took to Instagram to share how he celebrated reaching $121 million at the US box office...  Some classic Aotearoa cuisine of course; fish fingers for dinner!

There are some funny comments underneath the post too, here are just some of the best responses: 

Did you have to 'Thor' those first?

Awww man now I really want fish fingers... 

Only 10? What happened to the doz cuz? 

If you're not following Taika on Insta, it's well worth it.

Taika's been up to some funny stuff surrounding his new Thor: Ragnarok movie. He did a crackup interview where he roasted internet comments and also shared an exclusive clip of him as Korg.